Frame Straightening

One of the potential serious issues that can arise from vehicles that have been involved in a collision is having a bent frame. Having the frame of your vehicle inspected and straightened after a motor vehicle accident is a critical step in ensuring the safety of your vehicle once it is back on the road. This is a crucial repair, as a bent frame can contribute to excess wear and tear, as well as adding extra strain on the tires and other components of your vehicle. We at Queen City Auto Body provide quality frame straightening services to ensure that the structural integrity of your vehicle is returned to a solid and reliable state. We use the latest alignment system for all frame repairs, which ensures absolute accuracy in the results. Your vehicle will drive perfectly, when it leaves the hands of our specialists. We want you to feel as safe as you would if your vehicle had never been in an accident in the first place. The last thing anyone wants is to feel unsafe getting back behind the wheel after having been in a collision. When you entrust your vehicle to us for our frame straightening service, our skilled technicians will provide that peace of mind by ensuring our services are done to an expert standard with the utmost attention to detail and with the highest reliability of equipment.