Vehicle Painting

Our technicians at Queen City Auto Body offer the very best in vehicle painting services. If you love your car or truck but it just doesn’t look like it used to, auto body painting is exactly what you need to restore it back to the condition you desire or to give you a fresh start with a new paint job in a totally different colour. Automobile painting has come a long way, and we are experts in the field. From colour correcting jobs on mismatched bumpers, doors and panels right down to a total car paint job, we can do it all!



We proudly use Sikkens auto body paint, which is the top leading brand in the world for premium auto refinishing projects and has a lifetime guarantee. We can colour match any vehicle, rid your car, truck or SUV of unsightly fading, oxidation, spider webbing, swirls and more. We can also change the colour of your vehicle completely, if you are looking for something totally new on your favourite vehicle. Request a quote today, to explore the options that work best for you and your vehicle.