Frequently Asked Questions

I just had an accident, what do I do now?

Starting your claim. Step 1: You will need to contact SGI to set up your claim and receive a claim number. Note, if your vehicle cannot be driven, it will likely need to be taken to an SGI claim centre for appraisal. Step 2:  If the damage on your vehicle does not prevent it from being...
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How do I tell if my vehicle is drivable?

If there are any fluids leaking, wheels badly bent or air bags that have gone off you will need to have your vehicle towed to an SGI claim centre.   If you drive away with your vehicle and you are unsure if you should be driving it, stop by, we will have a look at it and advise if you...
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How do I pay my deductible?

If your accident requires you to pay a deductible, we can assist you by processing payment via Debit, Visa, Mastercard or cash if you prefer.  If you are eligible, you can also finance your deductible with SGI. You will need to discuss this with your adjuster before picking up your...
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How do I get a courtesy car or rental?

Once your claim has been submitted, we can book you with a courtesy car or rental. We can set up your rental so when you come in to drop off your vehicle the rental will be here waiting for you. We will need a Saskatchewan driver’s license and Visa or MC for a courtesy car or rental.

Will the new paint on the repaired parts match perfectly?

We do everything possible to match the color of the original paint.  We have the ability to blend and tint so the newly repaired parts will not be noticeably different to the undamaged part of the car.

How soon after repairs can I wash my car?

As soon as you like.  We also fully clean and detail your car before we return it to you so you should not need to be cleaning up after us or the work we do.  We try and return the car in better condition that we received it. 

How long should I wait to wash my car after it has been repainted?

Once we have completed the work and return the car to you, you are free to wash it the next day if necessary.  Part of our service involves cleaning and detailing you vehicle after the body repairs have been completed, so it’s already been washed once.  You can do again...
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Do you guarantee your work?

We certainly do.  We even put our promises in writing.  The following Limited Warranty accompanies the work done in our shop on every customer’s vehicle. QUEEN CITY AUTO BODY LIMITED WARRANTY Queen City Auto Body Ltd. provides a Limited Warranty valid for as long as...
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