I just had an accident, what do I do now?

Starting your claim.

Step 1: You will need to contact SGI to set up your claim and receive a claim number. Note, if your vehicle cannot be driven, it will likely need to be taken to an SGI claim centre for appraisal.

Step 2:  If the damage on your vehicle does not prevent it from being driven, you can get a claim number by calling a claim centre or going on line and filling in the form.  You can also come directly to us with your vehicle and we can assist you with this process.   

Step 3:  Once you have a claim number, we can ask SGI if we can do the estimate for you.  If SGI authorizes us to do the appraisal, they will send us the estimate forms and you can authorize us to do the appraisal.

Step 4: Your  vehicle will then be brought into the shop and all damaged exterior parts will be removed and any hidden damage can also be determined.  We can then order the parts needed and book your vehicle in for repair.

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