Great place to fix your vehicle. I shrugged at the idea taking my vehicle to QCAB at first, I thought they are a big autoshop. I doubted they will be able to give a customer full attention (as they will have a lot of vehicles to fix anyway), I WAS WRONG!!!. They helped me avoid "betterment" charge that SGI wanted me to pay. I was told my vehicle will be ready on a Wednesday, by noon on the Wednesday, I got a call informing me it is now Friday as they could not complete the work. I was okay with the new date but I appreciated the call more. Some autoshop will keep u guessing and you will be the one calling them to know if your vehicle will still be ready as proposed and then they will break the news to you. By Friday, I got a call that my vehicle is ready, the interior was well cleaned (Thank you).A minor part was not fixed but I was informed when I dropped the car initially that it could take another 3 weeks for that minor part to be delivered. About a week later, I got a call that the part is available (it came earlier). I took my vehicle in and in less than 10-15 minutes they installed it and I was on my way, I was surprised but it shows they value their customers time too. Keep it up QCAB.
Ola Adesola
December 29, 2020 via Google